Branding / Identity

Identity Parade

You should be proud of your corporate logo and identity. It should instantly communicate your brand values and create a professional perception. It should be memorable and simplistic.


BlueCoffee can help create, refresh or redevelop your branding and corporate identity across all media to complete the suite of branded communications.


Moving Stationery

Companies should maximise their brand recognition in every single piece of communication; professional stationery design, together with creative graphics and marketing collateral can create that memorable first impression.


Professional Show-Offs

There's nothing wrong in trying to gain the maximum exposure for your corporate branding by being a little of the exhibitionist through corporate hospitality or industry events. BlueCoffee can help you make a scene with exhibition stands and ticket design.


A Personal Touch

Branded apparel for on-site or event personnel adds another dimension to your homogenous branding and again increases recognition; from the ubiquitous polo shirt to T-shirts, baseball caps, jackets, fleeces and combats.


Neat Graffiti

From signs, posters, door and building plaques to office artworks, BlueCoffee can ensure that the right writing is on your walls. If your business is in the production of an object or product, branding your objects and merchandise can also be a very effective channel of communication.



Branding Works For ...

Brand redevelopment for public and private sector ICT Management hardware manufacturer.
Loxit Rebranding
Mancusa Branding Refresh
Branding redevelopment for exclusive American vehicle importer and bespoke customiser.
Prestige Logic
Brand creation for IT & commercial consultancy company.
Prestige Logic Branding Design
Maramarno Brand Creation
Branding creation for exclusive invitation-only lifestyle networking company.
Stirling Lloyd Group
Brand redevelopment for commercial building division of civils company.
Brand Creation for Commercial Construction
DJG Brand Creation

DJG Commercial Svcs

Brand creation for outsourced commercial services company.


Brand Your Horses

Vehicle Graphics

Your company vehicles are moving billboards that extend the reach of your brand message every time they travel. Providing the branding design is eye-catching without being in everyone's face, this is a cost-effective way of putting your business about a bit.


Our graphic designs have been applied to a range of

vehicles from lorries to Lamborghinis.


Blend Your Branding With ...

Web Design / Development

Update selected basic website content from within your company without involving your web designers.


Marketing Collateral

Search optimisation, link strategy and web analytics to increase site ranking and see who's visiting you.


Multimedia Presentations

Turnkey hosting, domain management and broadband packages for corporate internet and websites.


Events / Exhibitions

Offer corporate presentations via your website using Flash, Powerpoint or keynote technologies.


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