All About BlueCoffee

Creative with Technology

Here at BlueCoffee, we blend creative flair with technical expertise to proactively define, develop and deliver web, interactive and creative design solutions to a broad range of commercial clients.


Through committed long term relationships, we work hard to enhance our clients' brand and marketing communications towards greater profitability and growth.


Why Called BlueCoffee?

We often get asked about the origin of our company name; we're pleased to report this is usually due to people thinking it's cool, quirky and memorable.


In our first ever branding meeting, the question of what was going to fuel this business was asked. One witty response from the team was “the best coffee we can get our hands on!”

Never a truer word said in jest. A little research led us to discover that the best coffee we could get our hands on first thing in the morning (or at any time for that matter) was Blue Mountain Arabica. Hence, in a matter of minutes, "BlueCoffee" was born.



Virtually International

'Virtually' being the operative word. BlueCoffee primarily develop solutions for UK businesses. However, we can develop solutions designed for use by our clients virtually anywhere in the world.

Virtually International

So far, we have developed solutions for clients in other countries including the USA, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and as far afield as Hong Kong and Dubai. It's just a shame we don't need to hop on a first class flight to deliver them.


Commute or Compute?

We'll take 'compute' please. The latest web and wireless technologies in our laptops and smartphones allow the guys at BlueCoffee to work from our offices, our clients offices, or virtually any remote location.


This means we can often loose the commute to work and spend more hours in the day working hard for our clients, delivering projects that result in real and lasting business benefits.



Keeping Us Company

BlueCoffee expands into a close-knit network of preferred and trusted freelancers and contractors, who work with us based on our project requirements.


BlueCoffee / White Label

We can also offer our consultancy and solutions as a white label service to other companies. For further information on freelancing with BlueCoffee or our white label services, please call us on +44 (0)845 625 0045.


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