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Fair Trade

BlueCoffee believes in fair trade, whether it is with our clients, business partners, suppliers or simply in the selection of our coffee.





BlueCoffee supports FairTrade for coffee growers by using coffee bearing the FairTrade stamp in our coffee machines at our places of work.



BlueCoffee is powered by Jura : Swiss bean-to-cup espresso machines fed with the best FairTrade arabica coffee we can get our hands on.

Growing Support

A recent YouGov survey has revealed that despite growing support for FairTrade in the UK, only 17% of UK companies currently serve Fairtrade products in their workplaces.


BlueCoffee is, of course, one of them. Almost two out of five companies (38%) say they think they should make products carrying the FairTrade mark available to staff at work. You don't have to think about it, just make it happen.

Green Beans @ BlueCoffee

Corporate Social Responsibility; it sounds like serious stuff. And it is, although we don't get all heavy with our initiatives for reducing our carbon footprint and impact on our environment.


We simply let non-critical systems have an overnight snooze, recycle where we can and we actively encourage our clients, partners and suppliers to digitally correspond with BlueCoffee, helping towards saving the lungs of our terrestrial world, leaf by leaf.



Charity Begins @


Red Nose Day at BlueCoffee


  Red Nose Day 2009

Afer seeing a better calibre of comedy for Red Nose Day 2009, BlueCoffee have upped our donations for 2009.


Diabetes UK


  Diabetes UK

BlueCoffee supports Diabetes UK, part of the British Diabetic Association.


Donkey Derbyshire


  Donkey Derbyshire
BlueCoffee sponsor 'Cappuccino', a rescued donkey at Derbyshire's Michael Elliot Trust.


From Devon to the Desert

Plymouth-Banjul Rally   BlueCoffee's 4x4 vehicle graphics took sponsors brands through extremes of weather and temperature on the 4600 mile Plymouth-Banjul rally (UK to Gambia).

Plymouth-Banjul Rally



To maximise charitable revenues gained from this international event, BlueCoffee donated the required creative services free of charge and persuaded our production partners to supply any materials at cost.

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