Graphic Design

i-Catching Interactive

From websites and online marketing media to presentations, video and animation, eye-catching graphic design can mean the difference between talking to your audience or talking at them.


The Eye in Design

Whether designing for digital or for print media, on a large scale or a small one, engaging graphic design will deliver your messages in a fraction of the time words will. Sometimes, that's all the time you have.


Creative Collateral

Far too many collateral designs try to convey your unique business messages in standard formats. Being a little different in your PDF and print media will grab that all important attention and save your communications from being filed in 'that circular file marked 'B'.


The Eyes In Applications

Even when designing web or network applications, sometimes the difference between user adoption and ignorance can be attributed to the prettiness of the interface.


Digital Artisans

Effective corporate imagery in graphic design can be translated into art for display around your building, strengthening your messages subliminally to clients and personnel alike.



Graphic Design Works For ...

Design and image manipulation of classical theme images for advertising, marketing collateral and website.
Chafes Graphic Design
Graphic Design for Wallpapers
Creation of promo series of 'eXclusives' desktop wallpapers for American vehicle importer and modifier.
Character-based design and image manipulation for advertising and marketing collateral.
Graphic Design for Advertising & marketing Collateral
Chafes Graphic Design
  Stirling Lloyd Group
Creation of series of product promo artwork for office spaces / receptions.
Moat House Hotels
Graphic design concepts for hotel and nightclub event ticketing.
Graphic Design for Event Tickets

As Seen In ...

BlueCoffee graphic design and photography projects regularly grace the pages of household titles such as Cheshire Life, Condé Nast, International Properties and Live Cheshire to name a few.


Blend Your Graphic Design With ...

Multimedia Presentations

Grab and hold your audience's attention through image-rich multimedia presentation design.


Marketing Collateral

Create eye-catching marketing collateral which appeals to all the senses of your target audience.



Make an impact in those first few vital seconds with creative eShot design.


Web Design & Development

Make a splash and elevate the effectiveness of your website in communicating your corporate messages.


Vehicle Graphics

Brand your horses with creative vehicle graphics to strengthen and widen your brand recognition.


Photography / Image Search & Selection

Create or update your corporate image bank with creative and site photography services, or let us help you search and select professional imagery as part of your graphic design projects.



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