Extranets / Intranets


An extranet as a website or web application allowing secure access to network files, from anywhere outside your organisation.


No More Boxes In Your Boot

For mobile sales personnel, access to marketing collateral via an intranet means no more having to cart around reams of printed literature; simply download relevant information at your client's site as required.


External Access to Internal Apps

Secure extranets can also provide software required to perform your job as a web-based service, to virtually any machine, allowing you to work from virtually anywhere with a web connection.


Business-to-Business Portals

More and more businesses are collaborating on research, development and corporate projects by sharing information. Extranet applications can become secure B2B portals that facilitate these relationships.




Think of an intranet as a website or web application without any external connections. These applications connect departments and functions via a collaborative web-based interface to promote substantial increases in efficiency, productivity and information sharing.


Reducing Administration

By digitising and centralising may of a company's administration forms and documentation, intranets can eliminate duplication of tasks and increase management information.


Collaboration & Information

Intranets can be used to support executives within their roles with instantly accessible corporate information, whether providing supporting sales and product information, or allowing companies to communicate with their staff via electronic newsletters.



Intranets can also facilitate localised elearning functions within organisations, allowing training functions more flexibility in where and when training is undertaken.



Blend Your Intranet / Extranet With ...

Website Development

Engage with intranet users with web interfaces designed to be intuitive and easy to use.


Content Management

Allow multiple contributors to your intranet with editable content coupled with review/publish permissions.


Domains / Web Hosting

Brand your extranet with it's own domain, then boost it's responsiveness with corporate hosting.



Include centralised and streaming presentation content for effective eLearning and information support.


Marketing Collateral

Include centralised electronic and printable collateral for easy company-wide sales and marketing support.



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