Presentations for iPad / iPhone

Presenting from the Palm of Your Hand

The iPad and iPhone are watershed devices. The latter in particular is now a truly enterprise-ready mobile office, providing incredible functionality within Apple's now iconic designer styling. And we're sure the iPad will mature in a similar way.


So what better way to show off the rich media capabilities and graphic screens on these devices than with rich media promotional presentation materials that deliver your corporate messages from the palm of your hand.


Any Time, Anywhere

If you are a business executive with an iPad or iPhone are anything like the guys here at BlueCoffee, you'll never be very far from these treasured and somewhat addictive cutting edge devices. So why not add them to your branding and marketing arsenal?


Smaller Screen, Bigger Impact

We know BlueCoffee's clients have been impressed with our own presentations on iPad and iPhone and we don't think your clients will be any less enamoured.


The fact that you can call up such impressive media at a moment's notice will in itself make a bigger impact on your clients and prospects, even if it is on a smaller screen.


Provided ambient noise levels aren't too loud, the iPad / iPhone onboard speakers will also be loud enough to engage your immediate audience with audio.


On-Screen Playback Controls

Utilising Apple's touch screen technologies, BlueCoffee can ensure your presentation is controllable at the touch of yours or your client's fingers.




Sales Presentations

Even if your field sales teams are fully prepared with information for their visits, clients can often ask about products and services outside your meeting agenda; an iPad / iPhone presentation can be an immediate and convenient way of up-scaling your sales.


Product / Service Concepts

The rich media presentation, animation and video capabilities on the iPad and iPhone can help executives communicate new product or services offerings from your company in a few frames, rather than thousands of words.


Event / Exhibition Presentations

Whether entertaining clients in the informal surroundings of a corporate hospitality event, or engaging visitors to an exhibition stand, the iPad or iPhone can communicate your messages with unrivaled immediacy and convenience.


'Elevator Pitch' Presentations

So you've just been introduced to a potentially important new client and have a limited time to make a first impression. A presentation from your iPad or iPhone can support and enhance your communication and the resulting client perception of your brand.


Conversion from Powerpoint / Keynote

Of course, before your presentation can be converted for the iPad or iPhone, it will need to be of a design and content standard to do this justice.


Whether designing and producing from scratch, or enhancing and optimising existing Powerpoint or Keynote materials, BlueCoffee can deliver presentations that engage your audiences and effectively deliver your messages, no matter what the size of screen.



Blend Your iPhone / iPod Presentations With ...


Multimedia Presentations

For your pre-arranged presentations, display your messages desktops to 103-inch HD plasmas.


Digital Imaging

Paint 1000's of the right words with professional and cost-effective image search & selection services.


Events / Exhibitions

Showcase your presentations at corporate events, exhibitions and hospitality functions.


Video / Motion Graphics

Add an extra dimension to engage your audience with rich media animation and video content.



Invite event audiences and promote your presentations via email marketing campaigns, blogs, forums, podcasts, and video/screen casts.


Website Design / Development

Feature synopses, interactive extracts or entire presentations right from within your corporate website.


Marketing Collateral

Make sure you have supporting collateral, brochures, handouts and event invitations.



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