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Case Study : Retail Home Improvements Website

Please note : Metrics outlined here represent sensitive, competitive and strategic information. All company names and branding have been omitted from this illustrative data to preserve client confidentiality.


On-Page SEO Tactics

During this 3 month project, BlueCoffee revisited the existing website and made updates to the on-page SEO to improve search engine friendliness. This included the following amends to the site:

  • Addition of relevant ALT text to all new images
  • Updates to meta data to provide unique page titles, descriptions and keywords for each page
  • Redirection of old pages to equivalent new pages
  • Creation of search engine friendly page URLs
  • Improvements to internal linking
  • Creation of custom 404 error page(s)

The knock-on effect of these changes was an improvement in the quality of the site in terms of user friendliness and accessibility.


Off-Page SEO, SEM & SMO Tactics

  • BlueCoffee improved the website presence for Google Universal search, adding listings for some key products to Google Base, creating a Google local listing and submitting product images to Flickr
  • BlueCoffee created a link building plan, with monthly effort devoted to increasing links to the site from relevant sites
  • BlueCoffee implemented advanced web analytics to produce actionable results using goals, with advanced segmentation to determine user engagement
  • Submitted articles and product releases Improvements to internal linking
  • Created and nurtured a highly targeted pay per click campaign

Online Revenues Up 36.95% in 3 Months

During this 3 month period, our client benefitted from an increase in website generated revenues from £6,461.10 to £8,848.66.


Google Analytics Reports

If you would like to see more in-depth information, please view the Google report for the period:


Download BlueCoffee Google Report : Retail Home Improvements - Google Report : Retail Home Improvements
( L click to view | R click to download )


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Increased Overall Traffic : up from 41,642 to 60,781
+ 45.96%

Increased Organic Traffic : up from 11,977 to 21,075
Key terms targeted based on search volumes, resulting in excellent rankings:
+ 75.96%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘paint colours’
+ 85.97%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘bedroom wallpaper’
+ 128.21%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘wallpaper samples’
+ 91.58%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘victorian wallpaper’
+ 45.45%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘oriental wallpaper’
+ 17,100.00%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘paint’
+ 46.73%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘wallpaper’
+ 625.00%
increase in non paid traffic for the term ‘interior paint’
+ 155.36%

Increased Referred Traffic : up from 5,200 to 5,501
+ 5.79%

Increased Goal Conversions (Paid Traffic)

Goal 1: A User Registration (free offer type 1)

Goal 2: A Purchase from Online Shop

Goal 3: A User Registration (free offer type 2)

Goal 4: A User Registration (free offer type 3 activated month 3)


Conversion rates for purchase increased from 5.32% to 6.16%

We specifically aimed to increase purchases for this channel to increase the return on investment.

+ 45.96%

Increased Visit Duration : improvements in targeting increased the average visitor time spent on site from 2:51 to 3:03
+ 7.03%

Reduced Bounce Rates : number of visitors leaving from homepage without visiting any other pages (inappropriate referrals) down from 32.21% to 29.44%
- 8.60%



PAID SEARCH METRICS (3 month period)

Increased Paid Traffic : up from 29,050 to 40,574*
(*based on £1000/month budget with client initiated 20% increase in expenditure)
+ 39.67%

Paid Marketing Increased ROI : up from 193.32% to 226.84% return.*
(*figure compares revenue to advertising spend, without factoring in production costs.)
+ 17.34%

Increased Click Through Rate : up from 2.17% to 2.67%.
+ 23.30%

Reduced Cost Per Conversion :
visitor to user conversion cost down from £0.10 to £0.09

- 8.34%

Increased eCommerce Conversion Rate :
visitor to customer conversions up from 0.89% to 1.70%
+ 90.16%



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