Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigning

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click, Paid Placement, Pay For Performance: all various facets of the very highly targeted marketing that the web enables. The premise is that you can choose where you want an advertisement for your product or service to appear.


The charge for that advert may be a flat fee based on the number of times it is clicked (click-through) or it may be that the charge varies depending on what your competitors are prepared to pay for a particular placement.


Where are PPC Adverts Shown?

You can have your advertisement appear alongside organic or algorithmic search results on most major search engines.


You can have your advertisement appear on pages on websites that are contextually appropriate for your service, effectively placing yourself in front of potential customers who already have an interest in your chosen field and consequently are a lot closer than most to being interested in purchasing your product or service.



PPC Campaign Management

This type of marketing is the most targeted and manageable imaginable. However, it still takes constant review and research to ensure that your PPC campaign is as efficient as possible while seeking further niche traffic.


That’s where BlueCoffee can help you. Our broad industry knowledge helps us identify niches that can deliver quality traffic with high conversion ratios.


Analytics and ROI

SEO, SEM, SMO and PPC activities all represent investments in your business development. So it is important to know what works and what doesn't.


BlueCoffee can also advise on the use of Google Analytics to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your search optimisation, SEM, SMO and PPC activities.



Blend Your PPC Campaigning With ...


Website Development

Corporate sites, online catalogues, ecommerce solutions, forum and web portals from BlueCoffee.


Blogs / Podcasts

Blogs, podcasts and other rich media content is great for returning more search results for your website.


Motion Graphics / Video

Universal search now means search engines are indexing video content as well as text media.



Personalise your website content in conjunction with email marketing and online promotion.



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