Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation or SMO involves various techniques to optimise a website so that it is easily connected to online communities.


This can involve bookmarking a website, or publishing content to online communities.


Social Bookmarking

There are various social bookmarking sites including Del.icio.us, Furl and Digg.


When you bookmark a site using one of these tools it acts as a vote, and links to your site so that other users of the bookmarking tool, with a similar interest will be shown the link, and often a brief description.



Your Presence Within Social Communities

As a company you can now build your corporate presence and enhance your brand profile by created bespoke pages including:


  • Corporate LinkedIn Profile
  • Corporate Facebook Profile
  • Corporate MySpace Page
  • Corporate YouTube Profile
  • Corporate Squidoo Page
  • Corporate Flickr Profile and Photo Collection.

Your company may not suit all social communities, so BlueCoffee can advise on what type of community would help promote your site to your chosen target audiences.



Blend Your Social Media Optimisation With ...

Website Development

Corporate sites, online catalogues, ecommerce solutions, forum and web portals from BlueCoffee.


Blogs / Podcasts

Blogs, podcasts and other rich media content is great for returning more search results for your website.


Motion Graphics / Video

Universal search now means search engines are indexing video content as well as text media.



Personalise your website content in conjunction with email marketing and online promotion.



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