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Everyone wants a blog. Or so it seems. They are indeed an excellent way of communicating articles, news and discussions to your clients, prospects and other stakeholders in your organisation.


Before you embark on publishing and maintaining your company blog, careful consideration should be given to your target audience and the content they would find useful or interesting enough to return to your website, time after time.


Frequency of Fresh Content

Integrating a blog into your website requires a commitment to regularly update the it's content; a blog that has not been updated for a long time can adversely affect the perception of your company.


Excellent for Search Optimisation / Marketing

One of the major advantages to having an integrated website blog is that the frequency of updates in text content are excellent for improving search engine results, as the majority of content is plain text.



Our corporate blogs are all build using the most modern, reliable and relevant technologies for your projects, including HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Ajax and Flash.




BlueCoffee favour the integration of WordPress software to support your blog. This allows you as our client to internally administer all the content within the blog, even if the rest of your site is not editable via a content management system.


WordPress provides a highly intuitive user interface for authoring and editing your articles, as well as controlling multiple user contributions and publishing rights.


Reader Interaction

WordPress also allows you to administer your reader interaction and functions, allowing you to choose whether your blog will invite reader responses and ratings.


Site Tests

BlueCoffee test our web development projects across multiple platforms, operating systems and browser applications, as websites may look or function differently on different system combinations.

Cross-Platform/Browser Site Testing

We can also evaluate your current site and suggest tweaks and nudges to make it cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.


Blend Your Blog / Podcasts With ...

Search / Social Media Optimisation & Marketing

Optimise your website an online presence with search optimisation, marketing and social media optimisation.


Email Marketing

Use well designed and coded email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website and blog.



Offer corporate presentations via your website using Flash, Powerpoint or keynote technologies.


Marketing Collateral

Offer corporate rich media such as podcasts and video content on disk, presented in image-rich collateral.



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