Web Video / Motion Graphics

Commercial Videography

With the advent of video compression and streaming technologies such as HTML5, Quicktime and Flash, video content has become much more accessible and can now form part of your rich media content in corporate websites as well as more traditional offiline digital media.


Professional video content gives yet another interactive dimension to your digital marketing.


As Seen On TV ...

BlueCoffee's videographers have a wealth of credits in UK popular TV for BBC One, Channel 4, Sky One, Discovery and National Geographic.


All projects undertaken are recorded in digital format using broadcast specification equipment, by TV accredited professionals to ensure maximum quality throughout every stage of the production process.


Services can include professional sound and lighting (if required) along with video productions in various aspect ratios.



Motion Graphics in Your Website

Motion graphics can be powerful . When spinach-guzzling cartoon hero 'Popeye' was first shown, national consumption of the green vegetable increased by 33%.


BlueCoffee offer commercial 3D and 2D CGI animation, 2D traditional animation, character model sheets, storyboarding, layouts and 3D modelling for broadcast, film, games , web and interactive.


Our animation partners boast a collective experience from publishing and animation houses including Hasbro, Rage, Software Creations, Cosgrove Hall. They have worked on such titles as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Virgin, Marvel, Nintendo, Intel and Alton Towers.


Sound Design

To compliment our video and animation services, BlueCoffee also work with professional sound designers to add audio to your media, from sounds effects to full music scores and sound-alike backing tracks.


When designing for character animation, our sound designers can also source character voice artists to further bring to life your required character personas.



Blend Your Video / Animation With ...

Corporate Website Design

Create truly interactive ecommerce websites with optimised in-site animated characters.


Photo Realistic 3D Modelling

Take your animation to the next level with photo-realistic 3D product modelling, flyovers and flythroughs.



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